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Friday, November 16, 2012

PRAS Update: Stop the Presses!

Winning look for episode 4 and the designer Anthony Ryan
Another week has passed and our designers have faced another challenge. This was the very first fan interactive challenge for Project Runway. Fans across the world we're asked to submit inspirational photos for the designers to use. In turn the designers were given one day to complete their looks, inspired from the images they chose. The winner of this challenge would also get their design photographed for an article in USA Today, as well as an interview to go along with it.

Once again my favorite to win has ended up on top. Anthony Ryan's graphic dress impressed the judges, though they did warn him that they've seen this dress from him before.

We say farewell to our favorite oddball Andrae
Sadly we say good bye to Andrae this week. The judges just can't seem to get his ideas and were tired of listing to his explanations. I liked the idea behind his look this time. Interchangeable panels in cloths is an awesome idea, maybe it just needed a little more time to execute better. 

Either way the judges some times start to make me wonder if I have bad taste... Maybe I'm just open to things they're not.

Looks I liked:

Anthony Ryan's dress
Andrae's mix and match panel top and skirt
Casanova's pants and top
Laura Kathleen's hand dyed dress
Uli's dress, but I wish it wasn't such a washed out color

Check out all of the looks on Rate the Runway.

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