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Saturday, November 03, 2012

PRAS Update: Saturday Night Fever

Episode 2 Winning Look by Uli
Episode two of Project Runway All Stars took us back in time to the 70's. The designers were asked to create an updated disco look inspired by shoes from Nine West. 

Uli came out on top this week with her white sequined and fringed dress. It was one of the more interesting looks, but not my favorite. I mostly just like the movement it had to it. Once again I liked Casanova's dress more. Do I sense a trend forming?

The designer leaving us this week was Wendy. I liked her concept of leather bell bottoms and chain accents, but the over all look was a bit cheep and a little red light district. She did leave on the warm note of shedding her "Bitch" character that she was remembered for from season one of Project Runway.

Looks I liked:
Casanova's pink dress
Kayne's gold striped pants and sequined top (the judges didn't like it but I did)
Althea's pink dress

Check out all of the looks on Rate the Runway.

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