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Sunday, November 11, 2012

PRAS Update: Check Out that Tag

Episode 3 winning look by Emilio
Episode 3 of All Stars took the designers to the streets for a little art appreciation. They met three of New York's best graffiti artists and were given a few tricks of the trade to help with their next challenge. They were given 6 yards of white fabric, various cans of spray paint and two hours to come up with a design idea that could be seen as wearable art.

Emilio took the top score this week with his Harlem, at the beginning of the rap revolution, inspired jacket and skirt. I'm not too big on the skirt myself but I love the jacket, even if the judges thought the belt was bit small.

Suede was the designer leaving us this week. I loved the movement his dress had, but over all it was too costume like and kooky for the judges. I will admit when it was standing still it didn't have much going for it. I hate Suede's need to talk in 3rd person but as a whole I'm sad to see him go.

Looks I liked:
Emilio's jacket
Anthony Ryan's blue and back dress
Casanova's halter dress

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