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Monday, November 12, 2012

Louie Benson - Making Us Proud

Louie Benson and I go way back.

Happier times, before that whole Disney announcement...
Before he was showing indie wrestlers the right way to do yoga and working out with legends like DDP, Jake Roberts, and underrated WCW star Glacier, I was saving his ass from jocks at GameStop. I witnessed his lame attempts at striking up conversations with cute girls at the mall. I was even his boss once before when I hired him as seasonal help, although he did more sittin' than workin'. We've eaten lunch together, talked wrestling, debated video games, and more than once I've tried my best to shut him the hell up for just a few moments.

It never seems to work.

Louie has always been a loud mouth who is pushing his way into the entertainment world any way he can, short of porn....so far. He's done television, he's done indie wrestling, and his audition tape for "The Biggest Loser" is legendary. In short - Louie Benson is a megastar in the making.

So today, while arguing the merits of Halo 4, Blogzilla 1985's very own Louie Benson sends me a link to the trailer for the new documentary "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts." I watched it with vague interest, and it looks fantastic. This could either be one of the best feel good stories ever, or it could turn into the most heart wrenching fall into addiction and hopelessness that we'll ever see.

Jake seen here at Wrestlemania with Alice Cooper.
It's about WWE legend Jake Roberts, a man who has been fighting demons his entire life. If you've seen the fantastic documentary "Beyond the Mat" you already know just how bad of a hand he was dealt, and how he somehow managed to make it even worse through his addictions to booze, drugs, and women.

Jake is now a shell of his former self. He's older, he's out of shape, and he's hanging on by a thread to the greatness he once achieved so easily. Jake went from having a prominent position at Wrestlemania to embarrassing himself on the indie circuit. His performance at the Heroes of Wrestling show was an all time professional low, and yet somehow Jake continued to fall in the years after. A lesser man would be dead and buried by now, with few to mourn his passing.

But that wouldn't be Jake Roberts style.

No, instead of becoming another one of wrestling's great tragedies, Jake enlisted the help of Diamond Dallas Page to help turn his life around. Page is a self made man and one of the biggest stars to ever come from the ruins of World Championship Wrestling. After his horrendously misuse in the WWE following the Invasion angle, he worked for TNA for a small time before finding his true calling with the popular DDP Yoga. His newfound fame in the fitness world brought him much fame and acclaim, and he even erased that terrible time in WWE with an entertaining segment with Heath Slater on RAW that led to his appearance at the 1000th show in St. Louis.

Whether or not DDP and his yoga program can save the Snake remains to be seen, but one thing is glaringly obvious - Jake isn't the only star in this film.
Disgustingly cute. That's our Louie!

Louie Benson, that loud mouthed obnoxious big man, has begun to look a lot smaller. Using DDP's yoga and living healthier has given Louie a new lease on life and has shown him the road he must take to be the man he always wanted to be. It's hard, no doubt. But Louie has always been a determined scamp. Whether it be by provoking football obsessed meatheads in a little game store in Cape Girardeau, or by standing next to the giants of the business and showing he has as much heart as them - Louie will not surrender.

We at BZ85 are proud of our very own Louie Benson. When I decided to expand the blog Louie was one of the first people I wanted to sign up. He's funny, witty, and I knew if anyone could bring in the viewers to the site it would be him. He may have only written a handful of articles, but I can forgive that considering what he's on leave for. We wish him the best of luck in this amazing adventure he is on, and we can't wait to hear all about it from the new Louie Benson when he returns.

The men that would alter fate.

As for Jake the Snake, I hope and pray he can finally defeat those demons. Wrestling needs more feel good stories, and as a long time Jake Roberts fan, I personally want to see the man triumph once again. Check out the trailer below for "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts," and keep up with Louie and Diamond Dallas Page on his YouTube channel here.

We also highly recommend you try out DDP Yoga whether you're looking to strengthen, rehabilitate, or lose weight. Get started at the official site here.
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