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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BZ85 Attends Black Ops 2 Midnight Launch

Just a quick update and you can all go to bed or start playing some zombie mode.

I attended the midnight launch for BlOPs2 at my local gaming store and had a pretty good time. Caught up with some old friends, took in some nostalgic memories, and had a free Dr. Pepper, warm though it might have been.

Unsurprisingly, here are the first guys to get their hands on BO2.
The line was long, but not as long as I had assumed it would be for Call of Duty. The store had a great system in play and had people in and out with their game quickly, clocking the final person out at around 12:20. That's efficiency right there.

I have the Hardened edition in my hands right now and the great dilemma hits me - play some now or save it for after work tomorrow. Yes, as much as I'd like to make BZ85 my only priority, I still have to sling shoes to keep it all going. FML.

I watched a group of people playing the new zombie mode in the game and it has me eager to play. I also picked up the Vita version of Black Ops called Declassified, so maybe I'll lay in bed and play it instead.

I have a feeling there will be a half day taken tomorrow at work.

Stay tuned to BZ85 for my thoughts on the game and how it stacks up to my beloved original Black Ops.
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