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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Web ads should cater to the proper audience

Rifling through YouTube listening to wherever the music takes me. Started with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, ended on Queen. It was one of those things where you just kind of drift from one song to another, entirely based on the music they have on the right side.

In that time I got multiple ads, which you're unable to skip of course, for Jack Daniels and an anti-liberal message asking if we're better off than we were four years ago.

I understand that sites use ad revenue to keep themselves going. It's the nature of the beast, just like how video game companies use DLC to get your extra cash. I don't like it, but I begrudgingly accept it.

But really, can't we have ads that are more directed towards the content they precede? You'd think if you were listening to music channels you would have ads for other artists or albums or something. I really doubt Jimmy Teenager wants to listen about the unemployment rate when he's trying to convince himself he's rasta enough to listen to Bob Marley.

Off topic for a second, but is there anything more annoying and insulting than seeing some punk ass fifteen year old white girl rocking a Bob Marley shirt? You don't see many inner city hoods wearing a Justin Beiber shirt. I think something got lost in translation here, but every time I see that I want to punch the little twit in her face and tell her to take off that goddamn shirt!

Pedobear likes it.

Anyway, I guess this is more of a pet peeve than anything else because I disagree so vehemently with the ads that are being shoved down my throat. I think the Republican agenda (and to be fair, the Democratic one as well) is a blind joke, and I'm very much against alcohol. None of it speaks to me and it does little to sway my mind over to their side. All it does is make me want to not visit YouTube to listen to free music.

They're going to force me to actually go out and buy a damn record and listen to it, ad free!

This is 2012! I thought paying for music was as dead as the notion of a united nation!

I picked a bad month to give up Pepsi.

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