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Monday, October 08, 2012

Tv's Phil 101 or "That class you fall asleep in"

Hello. I’m Tv’s Phil. I’m white. I’m 26. I’m from an unbroken middle class family. And I live in a small Missouri town.
I’m about as interesting as new mayo on untoasted white bread with a glass of whole milk. Or a Romney without the money or dedication to Joseph Smith.

In an attempt to find a better way to introduce and describe myself to you, I decided to sort of canvass my apartment building and ask my neighbors to describe me. This way I could more accurately describe myself the way others see me instead of my own puffed up version.

 But sadly, this wasn’t helpful.

 The responses I got from the people I’ve lived with for almost a year ranged from “Who?” to “Are you the jerk who steals my mail?” and one “I’m voting for Barack Romney. Now get your foot out of my door!”
So I’m stuck trying to do this myself.

My real name is Phil. I ripped the name Tv’s Phil off of Tv’s Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
I’m pretty much the typical socially awkward guy that falls into the demographic “Males 18-34”.Growing up with technology, I play video games, submerge myself in social media, listen to the commentary tracks on TV shows and movies and can’t live without my smart phone.
I very much love the words aurora, manuscript, and starfire(which I'm not sure is a real word...but I don't care)
But other than that, I read comics, collect action figures, watch wrestling, and eat spaghettiO’s. You know, the kinds of things you don’t tell women about until you’re well into dating.

 Lord knows what blogging topics will pique my interest, but I can guarantee video games, movies, TV shows and superheroes will be among them. I may even attempt some creative writing.

I’m excited to get the chance to share my thoughts with the readers of this blog. And if you don’t enjoy them, I’ll beat you about the neck and shoulders.
And to get our relationship kicked off right, I want you to think about this fact: I'm probably going to regularly talk about how cool Aquaman is without an ounce of irony:

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