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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCON '12

So you don't know what KCON is? Would you believe me if I told you it was the first ever convention for ALL THINGS HALLYU. And... for K-pop fans that was the place to be on October 13th in Irvine California! Looks like I will be making plans to try to go to KCON '13 in the future. Hehe.

The convention was a day-long event full of K-pop, K-pop fashion (including do-it-yourself-for-less fashion and you could even learn how to put your guy-liner on), and even dance.

As with a lot of first time events, apparently there were some issues with organization of various aspects during the convention. KCON's facebook continues to be cluttered with messages from fans with complaints. Pre-ordered merchandise was sold out before they could pick it up, limited vouchers were passed out for the fan signings. There were miscommunications about food vouchers and some issues with security. KCON posted a statement in response to the feedback they have been receiving. If you would like to read or visit their page, here is the link.

You can't really expect the first event to go without a hitch. A lot of fans had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to attend.

B.A.P, 4Minute (who's leader is Hyuna), EXO-M (I figure EXO-K had other schedules to attend to),  NU'EST, and VIXX performed in concert near the end of the event. I would have loved to have gone, because I am a huge fan of each of these groups.

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