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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kate Upton...for no reason other than Kate Upton.

So I was skimming through my favorite sites and what did I find on Egotastic? A new Kate Upton gallery! Now this isn't a ploy to get more men to read my site. This isn't even a ploy to alienate the women viewers of the site, who I view as weak and jealous of my beloved Kate.

I think this is what Danny Devito was pointing out to his wife.
No, this is just a public service I'm doing for everyone, because when the big guy comes calling and asks me if I ever did anything good in my life I'll....ahh screw it, Kate Upton is hot.

Enjoy these pictures over at Egotastic, just don't let your wife catch you. Or if you don't have a wife, your cats. We assume you have them.
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