Podzilla 1985

Monday, October 08, 2012

*Insert Derp Face Here*

Seriously, am I the only noob to write under an alias?! I'm ok with that, haha. :P

Miss E here, proud to have been invited to join the Blogzilla 1985 team.

I suppose that you may want to know a little about me as well. I am in my early 30s and old enough to know better than to have an obsession, but so what. I do and I don't care, sue me (PLEASE DON'T). I'm a member of the KPop fandom...  I am obsessed with love KPop music, watching Korean dramas and variety shows, as well as have an eccentric taste in music, movies, TV, hobbies, etc. and an interest in foreign fashion. Trust me, I know that there is more to life than music and k-pop, but it is fun to talk about... Yes I will talk about other things as well ^_^ Just wait and see. Haha

As you can see, I can be a very random person, so who knows what kind of crazy things I will entertain you with. Stay tuned.

PS This one's for you, Shannon: 

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