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Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Know the Words Sing-A-Long!

I'm sure you've all been there. You're in your car at a stop light and just happen to glance at the car beside you. They have their windows up and are obviously singing their hearts out to who knows what. One things for sure, they look goofy as hell right?

Well guess what that singing dork is totally, without a doubt, me when I'm alone in the car. When I'm out running errands or just running around for the heck of it, nothing puts me in a good mood like belting out a favorite tune. I'm sure you're all guilty of it once in a while to, well maybe not all of you but most.

Now keep in mind, I'm a nerd. I'm not listing to the local popular music station doing my best Katy Perry impersonation. Don't get me wrong I like her stuff but that's not what I do. More likely than not I have a mix CD in that only makes sense to me. I think I've only ever made one or two disks that Shannon hasn't wanted to break or immediately remove from the player when he gets in the car. Why is that you may be asking? Well I like to sing along to musicals...

Yes I said musicals. Disney and other animated goodies, Broadway, and old movies that most kids now have no idea what they are. I do on occasion play real music, when I'm not blasting anime soundtracks any ways. But while going to get groceries today, and singing along to my latest personal sing-a-long mix, I decided to share a few of my all time favorite songs to belt out when I'm having me time.

  • "Follow Me" - sung by Uncle Traveling Matt and Gobo on Fraggle Rock. This is by far my favorite song from the Fraggle universe. It's a short sing but worth it every time.

  • "Come on Everypony Smile, Smile, Smile" - Pinkie Pie's image song from MLP:FIM. This song makes me want to cosplay Pinkie just so I could sing this song randomly at a convention. So catchy, how can you not help but smile?

  •  "What I did for Love" - from A Chorus Line.  I've never actually had the opportunity to see the play on stage, but I really enjoyed the movie. I've owned a copy of the soundtrack since I was in middle school. I mostly like this song cause it's an excuse to hold long notes. A nice reminder from my middle school and high school choir days, that I can still do it.

  •  "So Long Dearie" - from Hello Dolly. I'll admit it, I like Barbra Streisand. I love the movie Hello Dolly. It has Walter Matthau and Michael Crawford (the original Webber Phantom of the Opera), plus as a bonus Louis Armstrong! I had a giggle fit when they used parts of it in Wall.E.  This is from another sound track that I've had in my collection for a long time. My mom actually introduced me to the movie and it won me over right away. This song is all about being over the top and dramatic. I love it. I'd be embarrassed as hell to sing it in front of anyone but on my own is fine.

  • "A Little Priest" - from Sweeney Todd.  This is little cannibalistic ditty amuses me. I like the back and forth between characters and the social cometary on the people they contemplate cooking.Yes I'm a Burton film junkie I know, but I'm also highly amused that Angela Lansbury was the original Mrs. Lovettes in the stage production.

  •  "We're Off to See the World" from The Chipmunk Adventure. This song makes me cry some times, it can be a little moving. Or I'm just a sap. One or the other....maybe both. Either way this is the staple song of this movie and I will always love it. Even if they did bastardize it in the wii chipmunk singing game with those damn 3D versions.....

  •  "I Move On" - from Chicago. I usually fast forward through the first 1:15 since it's all instrumental, but I really like this song from the credits of the movie. I also usually sing both parts even though it's technically a duet.  find it funny my favorite song from this musical isn't even really in it, but after it.

  • "The Real Me" - by Jem and the Holograms.  This is from an episode where Clash poses as Jem and causes a lot of trouble, but get's caught in the end. I juts like singing songs from Jem. I still enjoy them 2 decades later.

  • "Life's a Happy Song" - from The Muppets.  This movie was so great. I love the whole soundtrack really but this is one of my favorites to sing-a-long with. It get's a little weird at parts but that's half the fun. Plus it's got Mickey Rooney...

  •  "How Does She Know" - from Enchanted. You really can't go wrong with Amy Adams. I love this part of the movie and the song is just fun and up beat. A prefect opportunity to sing. Random trivia on the film clip. The senior citizen dancers are all Disney movie veterans. Marry Poppins anyone?

I'll end this madness here. Just remember the next time you see a fellow driver making an ass of them-self, as they sing-along in their own little world, they're probably just having a good time or cheering themselves up. So don't laugh at us too hard, please.
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