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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Caption Challenge, The Last Resort, & Goodbyes

For those of you who haven't seen the exclusives on my blog, I am taking a moment to combine and share them here. :P

Has anyone else seen this yet? I woke up today to surf the net before starting the day and THIS is what I see... WTF! Yeah, its Tosh, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I must say that it seems a lot of fans are pretty pissed off... Fans of B.A.P that is.

Needless to say, there is racist banter back and forth in the comments of the blog and fans voicing their disgust over peoples comments (and Tosh in general, but what's new there?), among other responses.

I have seen enough of Tosh.0 to know that no matter what they do, they push the limits. Sexist, racist, rapist... regardless the topic, he is going to make a joke out of it. That is one of the harsh realities of the comedy world.

In all honesty, I don't approve of the use of this image for his caption challenge because I am a big kpop fan myself, but that doesn't change anything. Its already done and the ethnic bickering has begun. I would rather people who don't know who they are to not find out about them in this way.

But hey, it coulda been worse.

Like other fans of the group, I hope that if B.A.P sees this that they will take it lightly and know it is a joke.

If you want to read the growing list of comments to the blog, here is the link.

Curious what B.A.P's manager thinks about this... hmmm...


There was another video that went viral, a short film by Wong Fu Productions called The Last. I watched it... until the page locked up... I am amusing due to all the internet traffic to the page, so I will finish watching it later. That isn't the main point I am getting to anyhow.

What I really want to mention is David So. He did a parody of The Last that is hilarious which features Jay Park and Dumbfounded. So please check it out below. While you are doing that, I am going to watch some of his VLOGS. ^^


October 30th is a special day that ELFs and Angels have been dreading and anticipating alike. Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk, will begin his enlistment into the army as a serviceman on active duty.

Many were curious about his haircut after he tweeted about shaving his head. Below are a few images from his last photoshoot before enlistment.

Leeteuk will be greatly missed during his time of service.

Photos before the last farewell of Super Junior are posted on my own blog, so...
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