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Monday, October 08, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - World of Warcraft Under Siege!

So it turns out not everyone is happy with Mists of Pandaria.

Some hackers have been causing some major destruction in Blizzard's flagship title in the past day or so, on multiple servers and across major hubs in the game. In Stormwind and Ogrimmar especially, these varmints have been literally killing everyone in sight with what appears to be some kind of new atomic bomb technology, probably stolen from the gnomes because as we all know they're sneaky little bastards.

Joystiq has a nice article up on this baffling lack of security here, and this whole thing reminds us at Team BZ85 about our own hacked accounts in the World of Warcraft and why it made us start drinking and playing Guild Wars 2.

UPDATE - Blizzard has apparently fixed the problem, and you can now feel slightly safer walking into town. Still, watch out for those gnomes. Never trust anyone under four feet tall.

That includes YOU, Danny Devito.
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