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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

All Stars Return...Sorry it's Not Super Mario Brothers

Tim Gunn
I'm not a big follower of the fashion world, but I love to dabble in fashion design. Project Runway has been helping to inspire me since season 2 back in 2005. On a side note it's the reason I have been drawing Pokmon inspired fashion since then. 567 designs and counting... yes I haven't finished the black and white designs yet.....

Season 10 will be wrapping up in just two more episodes, and normally I'd be planning for a lack of Tim Gunn saying "make it work" in my weekly adventures. Thanks to Project Runway All Stars this won't be the case. Granted there won't be any Tim, but there will still be familiar faces and great challenges to inspire new looks. October 25th is the premier of season 2 of PRAS.

Mondo Guerra Season 1 Winner
I loved season one. So many of my favorites were back to strut their stuff that I couldn't  help but watch. It was a drama queen fest, but it stayed fun rather than getting ugly. Mondo Guerra was my personal choice to win, since I felt he was cheated out of the win in season 8. It made All Stars totally worth it when he did.

Because so many of my favorites were in season 1 I worry that season 2 won't hold up to par.

I would wear this, minus the hat...
I was hoping that Nick Verreos (from season 2 of PR) would be joining the cast this time. I loved his design for the "all dolled up" challenge where they designed for My Scene Barbie. Sadly he is not, but echos of season two rang in my head when seeing who would be back. "Where's Andrae?" I here Tim asking. He's returning to the runway.

Andrae Gonzalo made it pretty far in season 2 of PR. I remember liking his style, but to be honest I can't remember any specific look off the top of my head. That may be why the only challenge he won was a group challenge. I might not remember what he made but I remember him having a likeable personality. I mostly just remember Tim asking where he was and it becoming one of his quotes from the series. If you haven't figured it out Tim Gunn is one of the reasons I still watch the show. How can you not like the man?

Besides Andrae a few other designers jumped out at me right away. They each made an impression on me during their respective seasons.
Emilio Sosa season 7 first runner up
 Emilio Sosa will be the man to keep an eye on I believe. He had 4 wins under his belt when he moved onto the finals of season 7. One of my favorite looks was a circus themed gown he made for the final challenge. He had a great collection, but didn't take home the prize in the end. He was the first runner up to Seth Aaron Henderson, who's line I loved by the way, and didn't take the loss very well. He was very pissy when it came to the 'after the runway'  episode. He asked, if the judges had loved his line so much why didn't he win? He came off very bitter about the whole thing. That bitterness may rear it's ugly head again this go around. But you never know, he may finally get his win and this time with a bigger payout.

Circus gown by Sos

 Carlos Casanova was very amusing in season 8.  On the first day they were all told that not everyone would actually be on the show. As instructed they each chose one item of clothing from their luggage. Casanova chose his beloved Dolce & Gabbana pants, only to be told that they had to incorporate the item into a new look. To make matter worse before they started they had to pass their item to the designer standing to their right. So he had to hand his expensive designer pants off to a stranger so they could cut them up into who knows what. The man knows how to sew though, and does it quickly at that. I look forward to seeing him on the show again.

Peach Carr was also on season 8. She referred to herself as the grandma of the designers, being the oldest one there. She had a very sweet nature and I was sad that she only made it about half way through the season, being out at the end of episode 6. 
Joshua McKinley Season 9 first runner up

Joshua McKinley will be another face to watch out for. He was the 'dick' designer for most of season 9. As it got closer to fashion week though he mellowed a bit and was less detestable. Almost likable even. But don't be fooled there is still a large ego there. Joshua was the first runner up for season 9, losing to Anya Ayoung-Chee, who though still new to sewing put on an amazing show. I don't always like Joshua's taste but I feel that he will still be a strong contender this go around.

Also from season 9 is Anthony Ryan Auld. Anthony Ryan was one of my favorites during this season. He made it pretty far, but fell just short of fashion week. I'd like to see him make it this time around. Laura Kathleen was also a  season 9 designer, who will be returning to PRAS. If there is one word to describe her style it's 'Barbie'. She also fell just short of fashion week last time. Did I mention she's from St. Louis, MO? Well she is, so seeing she's from our closest, large neighboring city I kind of feel like I should cheer her on a bit too.

Dress by Sebelia
Uli Herzner, was the final designer that stuck out in my mind. I remember her fashion week show from season 3 was very easy going and island reminiscent. She was the first runner up for her season, losing to the rock influenced Jeffrey Sebelia. I loved his green and white dress that had zipper details. I feel that Uli will be a bit of a wild card. During season 3 her scores were all over the map, high and low with a couple of wins mixed in. One thing for sure though, you always knew when it was her look walking the runway. She could go all the way or she could be out before things heat up. We'll see what happens.

A treat for the boys from Uli

As for the other 5 designers, I'm sorry but I really don't remember your work or personalities. I know a couple of you were runners up and a couple were bitches and jerks, as far as your attitudes were concerned. In the long run though I just really don't remember, or in the season 1 designer's case I never saw her in action since I started this addiction with the second season.

Long story short, I feel that the final 3 for season 2 will be Emilio, Joshua and Uli. I also expect a lot of clashing of egos, a few verbal cat fights, and probably more drama queen vs. bitch action than I really want to deal with.

What will I be hoping for? Kick ass challenges that push these designers to new levels and help to inspire me a little along the way. Some amazing fashions would be nice too.

I'd still like to see Anthony Ryan make it to the top 3.

Check out Project Runway All Stars official page for more details.
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