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Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Wild Otaku has Appeared....

Hello Blogzilla 1985 readers, I was told if I didn't introduce myself it would be done in the form of bringing up old terrible writing I did back in high school. So let's just avoid  that unpleasantness and get this started. I am your resident nerd on all things animated, and generally related to art. Here's the rundown in character sheet fashion.

Name: Lindsey Wolfgong
Obsessions: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Project Runway, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fraggle Rock

Topics Likely to Cover: Animation, Art, Cosplay and Conventions, Fashion, Manga and other things the boys don't want to.
Hobbies: Drawing and some dabbling in painting, making custom dolls and ponies, sculpting with clay, fashion design, cosplay, collecting toys (mainly Sailor Moon, Pokemon and My Little Pony), making AMVs (anime music videos for those who don't know), and the occasional fan fiction writing. I'm also horribly addicted to shoujo manga (gender benders and harem series get me every time...). Puzzle games and Pokemon are my favorite games to play but I also enjoy Viva Pinata, the Sims, and Skylanders. I also play the occasional MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 is the flavor right now but I've enjoyed WoW and a few others as well.
In the long run, until Shannon hires some more female writers I will be your resident girly-nerd. Oh wait...I just found out he did. That didn't take long....
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