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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween....but I Don't Want to Scream...

I love this time of year. The weather is cooling off, the trees are all brightly colored, and there's an excuse to walk around in public in costume. Not to mention candy is everywhere. 

While most people take October to indulge in all their favorite horror movies I look forward to my favorite Halloween specials. I've never been a big fan of being scared. I rarely ever watched horror movies on my own growing up. Though now they seem to be played all the time since it's my sweetie's favorite movie genre. I've gotten better about being able to watch them. I just don't handle gore and slasher/torture stuff very well. 

I would like to share with you some of my all time favorite non-scary Halloween movies and specials, along with a few spooky themed animated shorts.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Caption Challenge, The Last Resort, & Goodbyes

For those of you who haven't seen the exclusives on my blog, I am taking a moment to combine and share them here. :P

Has anyone else seen this yet? I woke up today to surf the net before starting the day and THIS is what I see... WTF! Yeah, its Tosh, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I must say that it seems a lot of fans are pretty pissed off... Fans of B.A.P that is.

Needless to say, there is racist banter back and forth in the comments of the blog and fans voicing their disgust over peoples comments (and Tosh in general, but what's new there?), among other responses.

I have seen enough of Tosh.0 to know that no matter what they do, they push the limits. Sexist, racist, rapist... regardless the topic, he is going to make a joke out of it. That is one of the harsh realities of the comedy world.

In all honesty, I don't approve of the use of this image for his caption challenge because I am a big kpop fan myself, but that doesn't change anything. Its already done and the ethnic bickering has begun. I would rather people who don't know who they are to not find out about them in this way.

But hey, it coulda been worse.

Like other fans of the group, I hope that if B.A.P sees this that they will take it lightly and know it is a joke.

If you want to read the growing list of comments to the blog, here is the link.

Curious what B.A.P's manager thinks about this... hmmm...


There was another video that went viral, a short film by Wong Fu Productions called The Last. I watched it... until the page locked up... I am amusing due to all the internet traffic to the page, so I will finish watching it later. That isn't the main point I am getting to anyhow.

What I really want to mention is David So. He did a parody of The Last that is hilarious which features Jay Park and Dumbfounded. So please check it out below. While you are doing that, I am going to watch some of his VLOGS. ^^


October 30th is a special day that ELFs and Angels have been dreading and anticipating alike. Super Junior's leader, Leeteuk, will begin his enlistment into the army as a serviceman on active duty.

Many were curious about his haircut after he tweeted about shaving his head. Below are a few images from his last photoshoot before enlistment.

Leeteuk will be greatly missed during his time of service.

Photos before the last farewell of Super Junior are posted on my own blog, so...
don't forget to visit Kpopeyes' Ridin' That Hallyu Wave Like There's No Tomorrow for kpop and other hallyu related news.

Oh, so you need a job too?

With the economy the way it is, I've decided to shamelessly promote myself via BZ85. So, without further ado.......

3D Demo Reel - Osby Tomlin

Here are a couple of websites that I have designed:

Here are a few examples of my video production/editing skills. Other videos that I've done can be found on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/oz2007

Rap music video: Drink's Up

Football: Season Preview 2012 SEMO Copperheads

 Short Film: A Living Nightmare

I doubt that this posting will get me a job offer anywhere, but it doesn't hurt. I've been searching for a job for about a month now......so yeah.



Friday, October 26, 2012

PRAS Update: 1 Down 12 to Go

Episode 1 winning look
The first episode of Project Runway All Stars has come and gone. The challenges started off with a groan of distaste as the designers learned that they would be working in teams right from the get go. Their goal was to design a cohesive collection that embodied an attitude that they as a team had to choose.  

We saw Team Bold and Team Confident. Both had good and bad looks but over all team Confident won. I liked more of their looks too, but to be honest nothing really wowed me. As the judges narrowed down the top and bottom designer I made my guess at who would be in and out. And I was correct. I've gotten pretty good at the guessing game after 10 regular seasons of the runway.

My favorite under dog Anthony Ryan won the first challenge, since his look was modern but still had an element of surprise to it. I thought it was OK, but as far as the top three go, I liked Casanova's dress more. I expected that Peach would be out early. The woman is a sweetheart, but she's a still a bit out leagued by some of these other designers. Plus someone has to be first to go home. She was cheerful about it though. She'll just go continue her work designing tennis wear.

Looks I liked:
Casanova's black leather and lace dress.
Wendy's little black dress.

Check out the first round of fashions on Rate the Runway!

Fifteen on Friday

J.P. Harrod, or "GrimmOmen" as he's known around the interwebs, is an interesting fellow. He's an artist at heart, which is something I can relate to. The only real difference between us is he was successful at it, while I toil away on DeviantArt hoping someone likes the picture I drew of Kirby after he sucked in Richter Belmont.

But J.P. found his success in the business, from his early days working with the 3DO company to his years as CG supervisor and art director at Electronic Arts. For a time he was involved with one of the most influential MMO's of all time. If you remember the old days of persistent online gaming, back when your choices were almost as limited as the American political party system, you have heard of Ultima Online. It was one of the first graphical online persistent worlds, and what it lacked in cutting edge graphics and polish it made up for in pure imagination and creativity. It was also a continuation of the groundbreaking RPG series Ultima, which has continued to influence Western RPG's to this day.

A lot of the great art found within the game can be attributed to J.P., who remains refreshingly humble about his time in the industry. I'm happy to share my time with J.P. with the sexified readers of BZ85, so let's get down to business.

It's  Fifteen on Friday - fifteen questions, one interesting person. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Are You in the Herd?

Does your pet alligator have a top hat?
My Little Pony fans have just over two weeks left for the long awaited 3rd season of Friendship is Magic. Nov. 10th The Hub will be airing the first of the new episodes. Until then we'll be making do with more teasers on Facebook and YouTube.

We know that Twilight Sparkle fails at something and that there will be a celebration for the Crystal ponies thanks to two preview songs that premiered at this years San Diego Comic Con.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MMOSite signs Shannon Young to Super Contract!

Well, there isn't any real contract, but it sort of feels super.

Yes, dear readers, I know you love reading about games you've never played and probably never will play, but I feel the need to spread the knowledge. So, I've agreed to write for MMOSite. Now you'll still see your favorite MMO articles on Blogzilla 1985, but there will be a bit of exclusivity for those guys. Two places to find me, all kinds of love to give me.

Check out MMOSite for exclusives by me, as well as first shot gaming articles before they touch the golden child, BZ85. This is just another step in the direction of taking over the entertainment world.

What's Happening Wednesday

Hey hey hey, it must be What's Happening Wednesday! Each day after Tuesday and before Thursday I like to take a look at some of the interesting stories going around and give you, the loyal reader, my keen observations about them.

And if we can't find anything good to write about, we'll just make it up.

A Shoujo Fan's Top Picks

A small part of my manga collection
I enjoy reading manga. I spend far too much time doing so really. It's rotting my brain, but I can't seem to give it up. I don't really want to. I like taking a dive into fiction after work.

My genre of choice is shoujo. For the laymen that would be girl's comics that generally have a romance theme and pretty characters. I like pretty drawings.  I'm a big fan of pretty much anything by Clamp, the powers behind Card Captor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth.

There's some good shounen, boy's comics that are usually more action oriented, out there but it's hit and miss with the art for me. If I think a series has an ugly style of drawing I'll usually ignore it. A bunch of people love One Piece but I won't give it the time of day cause I can't get past the art. I'm bias like that. I love Bakuman, which is all about making it as a manga artist, and despite all of the excessive fan service High School of the Dead is a good read too, plus if you want to know what happens after the anime it's all there is.

I will admit I'm also a mild fujoshi. What the hell is that you ask? It's literal translation is "rotten girl" but in the manga world it's a fan-girl of gay romance stories. So I enjoy the occasional shounen ai, boys love, series such as Fake or Gravitation. Most female anime and manga fans go through a stage of it, or so I've noticed. Usually because of falling across slash fan fiction of their current favorite series.  Some take the obsession a little far though, and they're the ones who tend to make us all look like nut cases. The trend is large enough though that Otaku USA has added a fujoshi culture section to it's manga reviews.

The manga that follows are some of my all time favorites. They are in the order that I've discovered them rather than by favorites. Mostly because I can't really pick which one I like more than another. Several of these titles I have read, or am currently reading, online but the ones that are complete I do own hard copies of the entire series. Reading online is fine, but it's always good to support the titles you love as well.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Death of an Industry - Or - Why Isn't Anyone Playing Guild Wars 2?

I just wrapped up my FoF interview with J.P. Harrod about his time working on the grandfather of multi-massive online role playing games (whew!), Ultima Online, and we discussed the current state of the industry. J.P. is a talented guy, but for whatever reason no longer works in the industry, and that is a shame. You would think that an industry that has gotten so stale would welcome talented minds, but I'm beginning to think that we are heading towards the very death of the genre.

Or, at the least, the death of new ideas within it.

We discussed at length the positive and negative impacts that the juggernaut World of Warcraft has brought to the table, and I found his thoughts on it to be very interesting. In the interview you'll be able to read this Friday, J.P. explains how the blame for the stagnant state of the genre doesn't fall on Blizzard or Warcraft for being successful, but on other companies for taking the easy road and just aiming for another WoW clone.

Success seen here crushing Creativity in battle.

I can agree with that. Everyone has been clamoring for a new revolution within the MMO genre, but aside from little bells and whistles here and there it seems to follow a pretty linear path. And, to be fair, that path wasn't even originally walked by Blizzard's behemoth. Everquest was as much of an influence on WoW as WoW has been for games that came after it.

Now, I never cared for EQ. In my younger days you were either EQ or UO, and I was a Garriott guy through and through. I even played his Tabula Rasa, another post-WoW game that tried to change up the formula a little bit and was shut down within two years. There was something else in there about publisher NCSoft screwing Garriott over and him winning twenty eight million from them, but we're not lawyers here at BZ85. We don't even have lawyers, which is why we're hoping Toho never sees our logo.

In Defense Of Lori

There’s a blog post I’ve been putting off for a while now that I just can’t anymore. I kept putting it off because honestly, it’s silly, but I feel it’s my duty at this point to finally avoid it no longer. I MUST do it. I must defend Lori Grimes.

What’s that you say? It’s stupid because she’s a fictional character in The Walking Dead? You’re right, of course it’s stupid that I feel the need to do this. But then again, most things I feel the need to share my thoughts about are stupid. 

Before you read on, I must warn you, there will be spoilers for all seasons of The Walking Dead incoming. So if you don’t want to be…you know…spoiled, move along.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Block is Coming

Block B  is back in the house. I am sure that BBC's are thrilled at the release of their new album, Blockbuster. I know I am. I have been long awaiting their comeback. The songs for the album does well to showcase their musical abilities. Here is the MV for NILLILI MAMBO. Their album was released OCT. 17.

Many other releases are on the horizon this month, Hyuna of 4minute will release her mini album, 'Ice Cream' on the 22nd. On the 23rd B.A.P will be releasing a new single. Epik High will be dropping a new album soon too.

To commemorate the groups 7th anniversary, a photobook of Super Junior titled ‘Super Junior Boys in City Season 4. Paris’ will go on sale November 6th. Omo!!!! It is supposed to be full of photos taken during their SS4 concert in France that took place in April of this year.

NU'EST released a MV for their song Sandy.

I also want to present Wonder Boyz! Recently debuted with their mini album, 'Open the Door'.

So many great comebacks and debuts. I can't wait to see what the last few months has in store for us fans of Kpop.

I will leave you with this amusing MV from Epik High... although it isn't new, I wanted to share it. Made me laugh.

Annyeong ^^

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are aliens visiting us, or is the government playing on our fears?

It was always so simple for me.

Since I was a teen I had no doubt that aliens were visiting us and the United States government was hiding the truth from us. You can't blame me. Aside from personal experiences, which I will get to later, there have been too many unexplained incidents since that fateful day in Roswell that would influence a suggestible young mind.

You remember Roswell, New Mexico, don't you? In 1947 the debris of an unidentified flying object was discovered by William Brazel, a foreman at a local homestead, near Roswell. Once reported, the United States military retrieved the alleged UFO and the very soul of the conspiracy theory was born when the RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) told reporters they had recovered a "flying disk."

You didn't see this.
The next day they recanted their admission, and the story was changed from a flying disk to a weather balloon. The damage had been done though, and a nations interest was peaked. Throughout the years thousands of people, from scientists and ufologists to some guy you know from history class have tried to figure out what the hell exactly happened.

Did a UFO crash? What happened to the technology? Was it taken to Area 51 and reverse engineered to create some of our greatest technologies? What happened to the occupants of the disk?

Is it a cover up? The easy answer is - yes, it absolutely is. But maybe not the way you think it is.

Pokemon? I Choose...

My Pokemon Ranch on the Wii
Pokemon hit the shores of the USA in 1997, and I have been a loyal junkie, for the most part, ever since then. My love of the series started with the anime, and that lead to the need to buy the cards as soon as they were released. That winter I learned that my little brother and I were getting hand-me-down Game Boy's from a couple of our cousins. So naturally, I bought a copy of Red for my little brother for Christmas. Needless to say, I was the one playing it Christmas morning.

I know, what a dick move to take a seven year olds Christmas gift from them. Don't feel too bad. The little dork got a PlayStation the next year, while I had been asking for a Nintendo system for years and never got one. In the end he didn't get to play Red until I got Blue two months later for my birthday.

Pokemon has taken on many forms, some not as great as others, but one thing usually remains the same - once you find a favorite Pokemon you usually stick with it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

And the person most likely to give you nightmares is...

Joe Jackson!

Keep telling yourself he's not real.
As much as we want it to be Mitt Romney, and usually it is, just take a look on the monstrosity on the right. Holy shit. We're not saying it's time to start cracking open your neighbors head and feasting on the goo inside, but we're certainly thinking it loudly. A monstrous visage hasn't driven people insane like this since Cthulhu earned a spot on Double Dare! in the early nineties.

On second thought, we're not sure that last thing actually happened.

Stop fucking looking at me Joe Jackson! Yes, I'll go kill my loved ones.


Best Game Soundtracks...and we ain't talkin' that "original" composer jibber jabber.

So we all know that video game music is an under appreciated art form. People like to write off game music as background monotony, but anyone who has played the greats know that a good soundtrack can make or break a game.

Unfortunately, the song did not drown out Navi.
Castlevania and Final Fantasy are the two games I think of first whenever I defend video game music to the non believers. Both are classic games, but wouldn't be where they are without the music. This is the kind of music that defined a generation. Nothing gets my blood pumping harder than listening to Vampire Killer while dusting all manner of undead (except vampires, go figure). Who can forget the first time you fought Kuja in Final Fantasy IX while The Dark Messenger took your ears off to a paradise that contains only the greatest dead musicians, and also the Big Bopper.

Of course, that's just the best of the best for me. You still have a wealth of catchy tunes - from the timeless Mario Bros. music to the Legend of Zelda's adventurous medleys, and all the way through the generations and into the orchestrated soundtracks of now. Also, Halo probably had some kind of thumping in the background while you wasted your life shooting grunts. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCON '12

So you don't know what KCON is? Would you believe me if I told you it was the first ever convention for ALL THINGS HALLYU. And... for K-pop fans that was the place to be on October 13th in Irvine California! Looks like I will be making plans to try to go to KCON '13 in the future. Hehe.

The convention was a day-long event full of K-pop, K-pop fashion (including do-it-yourself-for-less fashion and you could even learn how to put your guy-liner on), and even dance.

As with a lot of first time events, apparently there were some issues with organization of various aspects during the convention. KCON's facebook continues to be cluttered with messages from fans with complaints. Pre-ordered merchandise was sold out before they could pick it up, limited vouchers were passed out for the fan signings. There were miscommunications about food vouchers and some issues with security. KCON posted a statement in response to the feedback they have been receiving. If you would like to read or visit their page, here is the link.

You can't really expect the first event to go without a hitch. A lot of fans had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to attend.

B.A.P, 4Minute (who's leader is Hyuna), EXO-M (I figure EXO-K had other schedules to attend to),  NU'EST, and VIXX performed in concert near the end of the event. I would have loved to have gone, because I am a huge fan of each of these groups.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ones We Don't Save

Remembered if outlived
Amanda Todd was fifteen when she killed herself last week.

She was from Vancouver, but had moved around from place to place over the years because of a mistake from her past that kept coming back to haunt her.

Young and spirited, she thought she had found a kindred spirit online that had charmed her into doing things she knew she shouldn't do. When she was in seventh grade she exposed her chest on camera for the person, who then used it to make her life a living hell.

No matter where she went to start fresh again, the picture would come back into her life. The unidentified monster even created a Facebook page using the photo as his profile picture.

Her fellow classmates were no better to her. They didn't want to be seen with her. They taunted her, humiliated her, and in some cases were even physically violent towards her. Amanda spent her time all alone, and quickly fell into a depression she would never recover from. She turned to drugs, cutting, and anything else she could find to take the pain away for the briefest of seconds.

Nothing worked, and when the pain became too much for her the pretty young Canadian took her own life, one month before her sixteenth birthday.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

If You Know the Words Sing-A-Long!

I'm sure you've all been there. You're in your car at a stop light and just happen to glance at the car beside you. They have their windows up and are obviously singing their hearts out to who knows what. One things for sure, they look goofy as hell right?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rant Time - Beauty and the Beast

Watch out Chun Li! His eyes are a different color!
Have you seen the previews for this new Beauty and the Beast show on CW? Dear lord. This is in no way better than that shitty Beastly movie they did a few years ago with Vanessa Hudgens. It reminds me that there is ugly, and there is Hollywood ugly.

How scared can you be when this is the monster chasing you?

I'm not one of those guys who gets upset over remakes. I liked The Grudge, Let Me In, Star Trek and the like. I don't flip out because America redoes a foreign film, or when Hollywood redoes a film they just did a few years ago. Especially if it's better - thank you Amazing Spider Man.

But this is too much. So Beauty is now a sexy young cop, and the Beast is a sexy young doctor who has sexy secrets and the two fight sexy villains while working towards having the sexiest sex they'll ever sex.


Hearts of the Art

Animation is one of my passions, even if I'm not currently doing anything with my degree in it. Needless to say it's all around us in commercials, TV shows, movies and web videos. It touches young and old in all corners of the world. But how often do you really think about who's making Bender tell people to bite his shiny metal ass?

That's what I'm here for. To help toss out a few names of the people who have made the genre of animation what it is today. This is where Shannon will be rolling his eyes and saying "great she's gonna go on about Tim Burton and John Lasseter again." Which I will, but not right away. I don't want to be that predictable right from the get go. Besides there's a long list of animation greats out there. I'll be bringing to light some names you may already know and several you may not. Heck some of them I only know about because of my beginning animation class back in the day. One thing will be for sure the men and women I choose to cover will have something in common.

They are at the heart of their art.

EA Sports - It's in last years game!

So aside from some problems with the neighbors here at Team BZ HQ, I've had a pretty chill day. Played some Guild Wars 2, DOA 5, watched some King of the Hill, and caught up all the news I miss when I'm putting this damn site together for the shorties. After all, I do it for the shorties.

And future merchandise plans.

Seen here - two fucks not given.
But a disturbing report came my way that reminded me of how much I hate corporations, and suddenly Hank Hill didn't seem so sweet. Now I know this story may seem insignificant, after all it's about the Nintendo Wii. It's also a few days old, but again, it's the Wii and I didn't think anyone would notice. With the Wii-U right around the corner, it seems most people have picked up their interest and moved on. Still, I can't let an obvious corporate dicking happen to the good people of Gaming Land, even if it is on a dying system and a game I could not give two fucks about.

If you've picked up your copy of FIFA 13 on the Wii, and lord knows you haven't because it's soccer, you'll notice a few similarities. Or, if you're not Randy Travis style drunk, you'll notice you're pretty much playing the same goddamn game as last years, right down to the menus and layout.

Easy there Capcom, looks like you might have some competition for being the biggest douchebags in the gaming industry!

"Arrow" Premiere. Green Arrow gets the spotlight

After playing 2nd string for years, Green Arrow is finally getting his shot(pun very much intended) in the form of his own TV series. 

“Arrow” premiered last night on the CW and I’ve been relatively excited to see it for months since seeing the first footage. So I figured, “Hey, there’s this blog. I saw the pilot. I have thoughts. Why not think those thoughts and let my brain send signals to my fingers that make them type those thought signals into a blog post?!” So that was my very complicated thought process.

A little background for you first as DC isn’t as good at exposing the average person to their characters that aren’t Superman and Batman as Marvel is.
Green Arrow is Oliver Queen. Oliver Queen inherited lots of money. Ollie has no powers. Though he is really, really, good with a bow…and fighting…and being a loudmouth liberal.  He’s basically Batman minus the childhood trauma, brooding, had a fantastic goatee at one time and is actually written as a guy without powers.
Excuse me while I sit back and smirk smugly at that last part…

A Wild Osby Appears!!!

.....just when you thought it couldn't get anymore ridiculous.

Hi everyone! I'm Osby, but most people call me Oz. Yes, I understand that it's a different name...but it grows on you. Give it time. Pretty soon, you will love you some Osby!

I will be blogging from time to time. To better understand my reasoning behind future blog topics, it would be a good idea to go over details about myself. I'm 23 years old. I am a professional wrestler (currently injured). I've got a bachelor's degree in computer graphics (I plan on posting epic pictures from time to time). I recently taught undergraduate level courses at Southeast Missouri State University. I play video games religiously. I love Final Fantasy games WAY TOO MUCH. I have a Netflix addiction. I like long walks on the beach. I like taking random walks after midnight. I have a love/hate relationship with anime. Aside from wrestling, I'm a HUGE wrestling fanatic. I'm a web designer, graphic designer, videographer, 2D animator, 3D animator, photographer, etc. I play children's card games (yes, more than one card game). I am currently addicted to the KPOP sensation Psy. I think that's about it for now.

I plan on doing wrestling, video game, relationship, t.v. show, movie, music, etc. related posts. I hope that I don't bore any of you with my random shenanigans. 

Oh! I have a website. Check it out sometime.


In closing, here's a video from my most recent wrestling match. My injury (torn cartilage around a rib) is a result from this match/training before this match. Oh, btw, I'm "Professor Magnus Cornelius Cage". Also, my manager "Lucky" happens to be fellow blogger Louie Benson.


Shocking Situation

What do you get when you cross the Ting Ting's with Cheap Trick and crossover into the KPop universe?

I present to you The Cheers. This fresh funky group might seem a bit on the wacky side, but who doesn't love something new?! The co-ed duo did everything from writing, composing, and producing their official debut track MV as well as did the choreography.

I thought the video was pretty fun to watch. I couldn't help but laugh at parts. Look at her hand and you will know what I am talking about. Are those 'finger condoms'. Bwahaha!!!

I look forward to seeing what craziness comes from these two in the future!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SPOILER ALERT! This blog contains no spoilers.

Do you ever get so excited to watch a show that the idea of getting to the finish is almost orgasmic to you?

This is how I was with the Walking Dead.

Let me give you a little back story. I started watching the Walking Dead late. When I started watching season 1, season 2 was already over. I decided to wait and watch all of season 2 on Netflix when it came out. That say was September 30th. I could have just torrented the entire 2nd season, but I wanted to do it the legal way (I cracked with a few days to go and watched the first 2 or 3 episodes via torrent, but that's beside the point).

Anyway, I watched the episodes whenever I could and I tried to space it out because I didn't want to get burnt out. Tonight, I realized I had only 4 episodes left and decided on a marathon. With the next season starting on Sunday, I wanted a few days to stew on the ending.

Sadly, I have know a guy, a guy I would have called 'friend' until tonight, you'll understand why in a moment, who had spoiled a major event in the season for me when it aired for the first time. It wasn't his fault. He had posted about an exciting moment that had just happened on a TV show he liked. After the event happened, I sent him a message teasing him about spoiling it for me 6 months ago. I had already started the second to last episode of the season and was on fire waiting to see what would happen.

That's when it happened.

Kate Upton...for no reason other than Kate Upton.

So I was skimming through my favorite sites and what did I find on Egotastic? A new Kate Upton gallery! Now this isn't a ploy to get more men to read my site. This isn't even a ploy to alienate the women viewers of the site, who I view as weak and jealous of my beloved Kate.

What's Happening Wednesday

Hey hey hey, it must be What's Happening Wednesday! Each day after Tuesday and before Thursday I like to take a look at some of the interesting stories going around and give you, the loyal reader, my keen observations about them.

And if we can't find anything good to write about, we'll just make it up.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Greatest Movies You've Never Seen

We at Team BZ85 pride ourselves on bringing you the best in entertainment. But we know that, more often than not, today's entertainment is an awful experience reserved only for the worst kind of liberals in Hell. So, once in a while, we like to bring to your attention something truly great!

Now, we don't know why you've never seen these classics. Maybe you grew up in the wrong time period, maybe you're poor and can't afford a television, or maybe you're just the kind of idiot who would rather watch Honey Boo Boo.

We don't judge here. We save that for when you leave. In the mean time, enjoy today's installment of The Greatest Movies You've Never Seen.

All Stars Return...Sorry it's Not Super Mario Brothers

Tim Gunn
I'm not a big follower of the fashion world, but I love to dabble in fashion design. Project Runway has been helping to inspire me since season 2 back in 2005. On a side note it's the reason I have been drawing Pokmon inspired fashion since then. 567 designs and counting... yes I haven't finished the black and white designs yet.....

Season 10 will be wrapping up in just two more episodes, and normally I'd be planning for a lack of Tim Gunn saying "make it work" in my weekly adventures. Thanks to Project Runway All Stars this won't be the case. Granted there won't be any Tim, but there will still be familiar faces and great challenges to inspire new looks. October 25th is the premier of season 2 of PRAS.

Lots of WWE News and Notes

RAW Ratings Plummet

Did you hear the sounds of the apocalypse last week after the epic disaster that was RAW's rating?  If not, you must either be living under a rock, aren't a wrestling fan, or were too busy cleaning your rifles and giving prayer at your Dale Earnhardt shrine.

Last weeks RAW scored a 3.5. Let that soak in for a minute. RAW's viewership has gone up and down over the past few years since the unfortunate demise of WCW, but ever since the WWE's number one show switched to a three hour format the ratings rollercoaster has turned into a plunge straight into hell.

Ratings have declined every week since the well received 1000th episode in St. Louis got a 6, which is great but laughable when you remember this is the same company that was drawing over an 8 during the height of the Monday Night Wars.

For The Boys


For the guys who appreciate a fine girl in heels and short shorts, this one's for you. I present Hyuna! 

She might look familiar... 
...the girl on the subway in Psy's 'Gangnam Style'.
This smexy vixen got her start with a group called the Wonder Girls. Upon seeing her there is no wonder where that name came from. The group holds a special place in my heart. Rewinding back about 5 years, out of boredom and the sudden urge to want to learn a few dance moves, I searched on YouTube for dance tutorials. I came across Wonder Girls' song 'Tell Me' and that was the beginning of KPop in my life.

Hyuna left the Wonder Girls within the 1st year after their debut. She is now a member of 4Minute and does solo activities too. Her MV for 'Change' caused controversy over the rating for viewers in 2010 do to her 'moves'.

Monday, October 08, 2012

KPoppers VS Beliebers

There is a war going on. This time its between fans of KPop and Justin Bieber fans. Comparisons between the two seem to be unending debate and it is leading to a war on YouTube. What is going down? Well, it seems that Beliebers are angry that a foreign genre is taking over their precious' online popularity. In an attempt to rocket JB to a top video position, they are flocking to his MV by the masses to gain views as quickly as possible to surpass... you guessed it ----------------------------->>>

In retaliation Kpop fans are doing the same to keep PSY on top. 

The funniest part to me is that PSY has a deal with JB's label now. Why compete?! It is two completely different genres of music, but yet the absurdity continues.

BREAKING NEWS - World of Warcraft Under Siege!

So it turns out not everyone is happy with Mists of Pandaria.

Some hackers have been causing some major destruction in Blizzard's flagship title in the past day or so, on multiple servers and across major hubs in the game. In Stormwind and Ogrimmar especially, these varmints have been literally killing everyone in sight with what appears to be some kind of new atomic bomb technology, probably stolen from the gnomes because as we all know they're sneaky little bastards.

Joystiq has a nice article up on this baffling lack of security here, and this whole thing reminds us at Team BZ85 about our own hacked accounts in the World of Warcraft and why it made us start drinking and playing Guild Wars 2.

UPDATE - Blizzard has apparently fixed the problem, and you can now feel slightly safer walking into town. Still, watch out for those gnomes. Never trust anyone under four feet tall.

That includes YOU, Danny Devito.

Tv's Phil 101 or "That class you fall asleep in"

Hello. I’m Tv’s Phil. I’m white. I’m 26. I’m from an unbroken middle class family. And I live in a small Missouri town.
I’m about as interesting as new mayo on untoasted white bread with a glass of whole milk. Or a Romney without the money or dedication to Joseph Smith.

In an attempt to find a better way to introduce and describe myself to you, I decided to sort of canvass my apartment building and ask my neighbors to describe me. This way I could more accurately describe myself the way others see me instead of my own puffed up version.

 But sadly, this wasn’t helpful.

 The responses I got from the people I’ve lived with for almost a year ranged from “Who?” to “Are you the jerk who steals my mail?” and one “I’m voting for Barack Romney. Now get your foot out of my door!”
So I’m stuck trying to do this myself.

My real name is Phil. I ripped the name Tv’s Phil off of Tv’s Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
I’m pretty much the typical socially awkward guy that falls into the demographic “Males 18-34”.Growing up with technology, I play video games, submerge myself in social media, listen to the commentary tracks on TV shows and movies and can’t live without my smart phone.
I very much love the words aurora, manuscript, and starfire(which I'm not sure is a real word...but I don't care)
But other than that, I read comics, collect action figures, watch wrestling, and eat spaghettiO’s. You know, the kinds of things you don’t tell women about until you’re well into dating.

 Lord knows what blogging topics will pique my interest, but I can guarantee video games, movies, TV shows and superheroes will be among them. I may even attempt some creative writing.

I’m excited to get the chance to share my thoughts with the readers of this blog. And if you don’t enjoy them, I’ll beat you about the neck and shoulders.
And to get our relationship kicked off right, I want you to think about this fact: I'm probably going to regularly talk about how cool Aquaman is without an ounce of irony:

A Quick Rundown (Gangnam Style)

If you love the viral craze otherwise known as 'Gangnam Style' and are truly interested in everything else that K-pop has to offer, then my posts and blog may be the place for you (or not). 

I figure since not everyone is familiar with KPop (NOOB) and the lingo... names or groups, fandoms, and whatnot, that I would provide a brief tutorial into the world of KPop.(Keep reading, there is a funny video at the end)

There is an ever growing number of groups in K-Pop. Each one has a name for their fans:
Big Bang-V.I.P
LED Apple - L.E.D.A
Se7en - Lucky Se7en
SHINee - SHINee World (Shawol)
Super Junior - E.L.F
TVXQ/DBSK - Cassiopeia
U-KISS - Kiss Me
And that is just the beginning. 

*Insert Derp Face Here*

Seriously, am I the only noob to write under an alias?! I'm ok with that, haha. :P

Miss E here, proud to have been invited to join the Blogzilla 1985 team.

I suppose that you may want to know a little about me as well. I am in my early 30s and old enough to know better than to have an obsession, but so what. I do and I don't care, sue me (PLEASE DON'T). I'm a member of the KPop fandom...  I am obsessed with love KPop music, watching Korean dramas and variety shows, as well as have an eccentric taste in music, movies, TV, hobbies, etc. and an interest in foreign fashion. Trust me, I know that there is more to life than music and k-pop, but it is fun to talk about... Yes I will talk about other things as well ^_^ Just wait and see. Haha

As you can see, I can be a very random person, so who knows what kind of crazy things I will entertain you with. Stay tuned.

PS This one's for you, Shannon: 

DOA 5 vs. Tekken Tag

I've always been a fighting game fan, even though I kind of suck at them. The only time I've been successful was the months of victories I racked up playing against the same guy, until his constant low kicks enraged me to the point that I quit, de-friended him, and traded the damn game in.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good fight. And now, we've been blessed with Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming out just weeks apart. But which one is more deserving of your hard earned cash? We took both titles for a test spin, and without doing a full review for either, we're going to give you the pros and cons that will hopefully help YOU decide which game to buy.

Cthulhu on loan from your adorable nightmares

Spoiler alert - It's Dead or Alive 5 (but try to act surprised!).

Sunday, October 07, 2012

"It's Show Time Synergy..."

Box art from the Hasbro line of toys
 I am a child of the 80's. That means if I had a toy I loved there was a good chance it had a TV show to help sell it. Jem and the Holograms was no exception to this rule. The show about a music CEO who was also secretly their biggest star had a rather large toy line. From 1985 - 1987 Hasbro released 24 dolls, 75 separate fashions  and 10 play sets, including 2 versions of Jem's car the Rock n' Roadster.

I was not one of those lucky girls who got to have all of it. I had 2 dolls, and not even at the same time. I had the original Jem/Jerrica doll, who met an unfortunate fate at a babysitters house one day, and then mom replaced her with the newer Glitter N' Gold Jem on my next birthday. I still have that doll, though she's missing several accessories and at some point I drew a beauty mark on her face by one of her eyes. Thanks to a fateful yard sale, my mom stopped by a few years back, I also have been given another original Jem for my small collection. eBay still tempts me from time to time, when I get the collector bug and contemplate buying the other dolls that I wanted as a kid, but never got. I still like the dolls a lot, but one factor has helped me from going bid crazy on these memories from my past. The dolls are a bit manly.

Web ads should cater to the proper audience

Rifling through YouTube listening to wherever the music takes me. Started with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, ended on Queen. It was one of those things where you just kind of drift from one song to another, entirely based on the music they have on the right side.

In that time I got multiple ads, which you're unable to skip of course, for Jack Daniels and an anti-liberal message asking if we're better off than we were four years ago.

I understand that sites use ad revenue to keep themselves going. It's the nature of the beast, just like how video game companies use DLC to get your extra cash. I don't like it, but I begrudgingly accept it.

The Conundrum

So as I sit here sipping my tea from a straw, because I'm classy, I watch the clock tick by and have a dilemma. Do I work on the blog? Or do I get down on some 360?

I've got Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament and I want to do a kind of comparison review of the two. I'm trying to convince myself that it's website related, which it is, but it's more so an excuse to stop working on this damn thing and relax.

But the hands of time are cruel and rough. I don't have enough time to really do anything, so I'm blogging about the games that I need to play instead of blogging, so I can blog about the games.

Got that?

And Sunday night is Call of Duty night! Think you can hang with Team BZ85 in Black Ops? Shoot me a line and we'll see what you're made of, punk.

Ay ladies. A/S/L?

Why hello there. It's me, the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour. To sum it up, I'm Louie. I'm also obligated to tell you that I'm a convicted sex offender.

Okay, not really...


Anyhoo, I'll be blogging about things and stuff, and also wrestling and vidya games and whatnot. I suppose vidya games is the primary focus of this blog so you shouldn't really be surprised. Let's pretend like I'm not staring at your boobs and I'll tell you a bit about myself. I tend to be obnoxious and opinionated (why else would I write a blog?). I'm a purveyor of movies, TV, music, humor, wrestling, technology, vidyas, and all kinds of crap I'm going to need you to pretend to care about.

Current Obsessions(Yes, I stole this from Lindsey): Girls, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, the Walking Dead, torrenting old Japanese wrestling, girls with nice fannies, DDPYoga (61 pounds down since June and counting), girls who like things I like, Rewatching Arrested Development, trying to decide on whether or not to buy to Kindle Fire HD or the Google Nexus 7

Current Dislikes: Girls that won't make out with me(There are far too many of you), girls that try to pawn making out with me on their friends, girls who get restraining orders, dairy.

I'll leave it up to you as to whether or not my dislikes are true. And despite what Ms. Lindsey would have you believe, even though she's the nerdy girl, I have better boobs. Anyways, sup ladies. A/S/L?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Wild Otaku has Appeared....

Hello Blogzilla 1985 readers, I was told if I didn't introduce myself it would be done in the form of bringing up old terrible writing I did back in high school. So let's just avoid  that unpleasantness and get this started. I am your resident nerd on all things animated, and generally related to art. Here's the rundown in character sheet fashion.

Name: Lindsey Wolfgong
Obsessions: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Project Runway, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fraggle Rock

Topics Likely to Cover: Animation, Art, Cosplay and Conventions, Fashion, Manga and other things the boys don't want to.
Hobbies: Drawing and some dabbling in painting, making custom dolls and ponies, sculpting with clay, fashion design, cosplay, collecting toys (mainly Sailor Moon, Pokemon and My Little Pony), making AMVs (anime music videos for those who don't know), and the occasional fan fiction writing. I'm also horribly addicted to shoujo manga (gender benders and harem series get me every time...). Puzzle games and Pokemon are my favorite games to play but I also enjoy Viva Pinata, the Sims, and Skylanders. I also play the occasional MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 is the flavor right now but I've enjoyed WoW and a few others as well.
In the long run, until Shannon hires some more female writers I will be your resident girly-nerd. Oh wait...I just found out he did. That didn't take long....

Weekend Wrap Up

And on the Seventh Day the Lord rested, but we here at BZ85 never rest. We can't afford to. We literally can't afford to, because we're broke as shit and have way too many games to purchase. 

But far be it from us to tell YOU how to use your weekend. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best stories we could find this week. Now we can't take credit for this stuff, our lawyers told us so, but we can take some solace in the fact that if you didn't see it here you might not have seen it at all. 

So enjoy some of the best of what we could find, and be safe out there this weekend. 

There be dragons!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Big Changes at Blogzilla 1985 Are a Comin'!

With all of the sudden attention this little bird has been getting lately I figured it was time to step it up. In the next coming weeks expect new features, a new design, new authors, and the same Godzilla. Things may get a little crazy here, but we do it for the shorties.

Fifteen on Friday

We at Team BZ85 know a thing or two about being attractive gamers. But every once in a while you meet someone who makes you rethink what your mom told you about being the most handsome person in school. 

In this weeks Fifteen on Friday we talk to one of those people - the lovely and nerdy IDiivl. But we call her Christine. Cause we're close like that.

Hot! A custom 360 controller!
Being a glamor model born half Japanese and half Czech would be enough to turn a few heads, but our heroine is much more than that. She's everything you dreamed about as a lonely teenager playing Halo, for some reason, and wishing you could meet an uber cool chick to not only put up with your lousy taste in gaming, but to maybe pick up a controller and jam alongside you.

Yes, she's the kind of girl who could probably kick your ass in games one day, and shoot a nude set in some foreign land the next. 

We at Blogzilla 1985 are proud that Christine is our first interview. And also our newest best friend.

It's Fifteen on Friday - fifteen questions, one interesting person.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bands I Never Cared About Until I Wasn't A Douche

So you know how you have that older relative that tells you to listen to something he grew up with but you tell him to fuck off because you know better and he's probably an alcoholic?

We've all been there. We know what real music is because we grew up with it, and we're going to keep on rockin' forever.

Oh, if only, dear readers.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What's Happenin' Wednesday

So welcome to a little experiment here at Blogzilla 1985. Team BZ85 has been putting together a collection of stories that we're going to give a little time to for your viewing pleasure. We'll try to make it a daily thing, but considering the attention spans of our staff, IE me, we can't guarantee anything. But enough of your promiscuous mother, let's get to the headlines!


That's right, tonight is the first in a series of debates featuring our two candidates.

Two-because in a country filled with different races and ideals we're lucky enough to cram all that diversity into two political parties.

So what's on the agenda tonight? Well obviously the economy will be front and center, as rich old white guy is gonna try to put that uppity boy in his place. A recent study showed that unemployment is down, once again, but that will do little to calm the nerves of Uncle Jedidah and his kin from using it as an excuse to hate “that one,” if I can quote John McCain.