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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still Voting for Romney?

More power to you.

I was personally looking into voting for the man, even though I voted for Obama before. That was a combination of me liking Obama, who I've followed since before he was even considered for the presidency, and hating Sarah Palin, who is a soccer mom hell spawn moron uppity bitch in the sexiest way. I like John McCain and the worst thing he could have done is recruit that media whore to be his VP.

Well, to be fair, it's not like he himself chose her. Every time they were together you could see the Republican puppeteers pulling old Johnny's strings.

And now we have Mitt Romney, who I've never been a particularly big fan of, but I'm willing to give him a shot. I think Obama has done a hell of a job as president, and I think it's even more spectacular when you think of the giant mess left to him by Bush.

And before you right wingers get all sensitive, I realize Bush had a lot on his plate. 9/11 wasn't an easy thing to deal with, and I respect the man for how he handled it. Assuming he didn't cause it in the first place, that is. Right, former governor of Minnesota Jesse "The Body" Ventura?


Hey, remember when finding Osama Bin Laden was the most important thing we could do and a testament to a presidents strength? Obama succeeded where Bush failed. Deal with it. Or maybe Bush wasn't looking too hard, since the Bush family and Bin Laden family go waaaaay back. Right, conspiracy theorists?


Anyway, back to Romney. He speaks well. He looks sharp. He's rich. What else do you want in a president? He may seem like he only cares about the rich, he may seem like he's insensitive to minorities, he may seem like he's out of touch with real America.....but that's only because he is! Give him a break!

The most recent controversy involves Romney making some off color remarks that were secretly taped, secretly, without his knowledge. It was a secret. Bad thing about secrets, they hardly ever stay that way. Right, United States governments' stance on Area 51?


Romney not only said that 47 % of the country will vote for Obama anyway because they feel like they're victims and they're owed something, but when on to mention how great it would be if he were Latino. That would cinch him the Oval Office for sure!

Or, you know, he could look past his stretch limo and see the dire shape the country is in, and has been in, for as long as I can remember. Presidents come and go, both Democrat and Republican, and the country never seems to recover.


Because it's one big pissing contest. The president is no longer a man with a vision for our great United States. He's a political pawn of companies, banks, and even bigger political douchebags than him with even wilder and crazier ideas to benefit the companies and banks that own this country!

We have a two party system. THINK ABOUT THAT. You have two viable choices come election day, and they're split down party lines so thick you'd crash your Tron cycle into them and explode instantly. How can we, as such a free thinking (cough) independent nation, have two choices when it comes to our elected officials. This boggles my mind, and will continue to do so until we as a nation realize that ideas don't come from a donkey or an elephant.

 Ideas come from a person, not a political machine.

I'll be clear and honest with you right now - I support Barack Obama. Not because I'm a Democrat, because I'm not. And it's not because I hate Republicans, because I don't. I'm against abortion, but I'm for equal rights of all people, straight, gay, and everything in between.

To me, Obama promotes more of a free country than the Republican party. Maybe not Mitt Romney, but we'll never know, because on the 2% chance he's elected after all of the things he said, he'll just be another puppet on a wire.

And even though I'm leaning towards Obama, I make no illusions about the future under his reign. Republican, Democrat, it doesn't even matter. We're a nation made up of many nationalities, religions, beliefs, and dreams.

Remember that when you go vote for one of two men, and the agenda based armies they represent.

And as far as Romney's comments are concerned, I think he can bounce back from them. After all, it's not like he insinuated that women can shut their reproductive organs down during a "legitimate" rape. Only a dimwitted neanderthal would believe such a ridiculous notion.

I pity anyone that supports that kind of moron.

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