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Monday, July 16, 2012

Capcom = Rapists

July 31st is the death of whatever innocence gaming had left in it.

Why such a specific date, you ask? I'm glad you did. Now be quiet.

You see, July 31st is the day that Capcom releases its big DLC for the substandard fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken.

Now don't get me wrong, I've played the game and it isn't so bad. It's Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters and a decent tag system. My first problem with the game was that it is horribly overpriced, clocking in at full tag for a game that has less content than a better fighter, like the recently revived Mortal Kombat.

But gaming prices have always been the subject of debate since the very first time my mom bought me an n64 game. But at least back then you got the full monkey for what you slapped down on the counter. Nowadays DLC has given the industry a “Don't worry about finishing it, we can add it later for a bigger profit” mentality that personally sickens me. Games are more advanced now, I agree. No argument there.

But why release a game that isn't finished? There is a difference between DLC should be and what it is.

What it should be – adding content for a game that has been out for years to give players new reasons to go back.

What it is – releasing already finished content later to make more money.

As much I dislike paying DLC for a game that was probably held back specifically to be released later on for a better profit, I can at least understand and appreciate the sentiment. Is it a lousy way to do business? Absolutely. This is a business though, and you have to get ahead somehow.

Nature of the beast.

And at least they put it in later, right? Maybe it really wasn't finished and there were bugs. Maybe they added even more content to an already planned addition. Maybe, in some rare cases, it really IS brand new content that had been completed after the game shipped. In our heart of hearts, we certainly like to believe that.

And then there is Capcom, the whore bastard of the gaming industry. You can hate EA and Activision all you want, Lord knows I do sometimes, but Capcom is the single most biggest dick in the entire industry.

Remember when Resident Evil 5 shipped with day one DLC? That should have been a damn sign. We all forgave it, begrudgingly, because the game was pretty good. Well this is what happens when you let someone get away with something, because by letting Capcom into your home you just gave them permission to rape your family and eat your pizza.

You may have heard that Street Fighter x Tekken shipped with the DLC included on the disc. That's right, the DLC was shipped LOCKED ON THE DISC. All of it, every fighter and every costume, is already on the disc and ready to play. They're making you pay extra money just to unlock it. And if that isn't bad enough, they delayed releasing it for months! Content that is already finished and on the disc!!!

Now you can Google this and listen to their bullshit reasoning behind it. I'm sure a lot of people will, and they will buy the DLC anyway. You are literally giving Capcom permission to have sex with your children, and personally, I don't have any kids. But if I did I wouldn't want Capcom touching them inappropriately just so I could play as chick Ryu.

I will not buy Resident Evil 6. I will not buy any more Capcom games. I hardly ever cut a company off completely, hell I still shop at Gamestop after they canned me, but this is ridiculous. Do not feed the machine, people! 

DLC started as a great concept and companies like Capcom have turned it into the Boogeyman under the bed. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This is how the end of the world starts.

Long live the new flesh.
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